Letter love

February 23, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 2 comments

The mesdames are big on snail mail. We love a letter. We love letters so much that we go out of our way to lovingly adorn them with lovely stamps. In Australia, that can be darn difficult. It is not often that a stamp comes out that doesn’t have an echidna or an explorer or an extra large piece of machinery on it. Tell me, can you imagine sending a jaunty jotting or the most ceremonial of celebratory invitations in an envelope with a jolly big jumbo on it? Where oh where are the pretty stamps? Here! Best get them real quick. Folks-in-love planning pledges might want to snaffle up these limited edition 2011 Australia Post Valentines Day stamps while the goings good.


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A very big house in the country

February 22, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 1 comment

Now that we’ve plonked a pretty catchy Blur tune in your brain, let us tell you about Laurelville while you whistle your own backing track to the narration to follow. It is a big and beautiful house in York, Western Australia and you can stay there or even get hitched there; surrounded by loveliness and luxury, lofty ceilings, ornate timber staircases, open fireplaces, fragrant gardens, sweeping views. Sleep under Bemboka blankets of angora and super-fine merino wool or steep in a claw-foot bath of bubbles. It is a Mitchell & Dent kind of place. Just add Pimms.


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February 11, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

The mesdames are not minimalists, in fact we are probably maximalists. We are very fond of knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, gewgaws and gimcracks. Bits and pieces, odds and ends, Oxford commas, and using five words when one would do. So for folks who twitter on a bit like we do, these completely useless but utterly lovely wooden birds in boxes might like to come to your home to roost?


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February 10, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 1 comment

I live in a street that is being messed about with by developers so that lovely little old cottages like ours (built in 1905) are bulldozed to make way for multi-story townhouses. It makes me feel really miffed. I’m also mad about the bevvy of builders and their noisy morning machines. Why do they insist on starting at 6-something, even on a Saturday? I’m just like these guys – very angry little wooden wrestlers by The Boy Frost. Except for the diamond daks.


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Going, going, almost gone

February 10, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 2 comments

As you know, we’ve been rabbiting on (boom, tish) about being a part of the Australian and New Zealand leg of the Diana World Tour, which has now travelled to Tokyo, Seoul, Porto, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, New York City, Los Angeles, Riga, London, Sydney and opens in Melbourne Feb 24 and Auckland March 18.

If you’re not able to make it to see the Customised Clones Exhibition in person, don’t fret. You can bid on them online with the proceeds going to charity, but you’d best be quick, only three days left.

A small sample of the goodness you may wish to bid on is shown above, by artists (from L-R, top to bottom) Gemma Jones, Scrap Wall, Greedy Hen, Limedrop, Cat-Rabbit, Beci Orpin, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Mel Stringer and Angela Mitchell & Leah Dent.

Customised Clones on eBay

*Stay tuned folks, we had an e-mail from the Lomo team today to say something went nutso with eBay last night and a bunch of the listings disappeared. They’re working hard to get it all sorted. We’ll keep you informed.

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Take notice

February 9, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

We know a girl who just gave her notice in order to spend more time getting noticed for what she does best. You too can be noticed in notable vintage from The Vintage Valley. Congrats and good luck Ally.


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Wouldn’t it be nice?

February 8, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

The mesdames like music, they are partial to a toe-tapping beat and a jaunty lyric. Sometimes, however, they are shocked and appalled by the unsuitability of the album art. How nice would it be to revisit some album covers and reimagine them? Just ask Andrew Kolb, who remade the The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album cover as part of the 33.3 Art Show. And there are 32.3 others there too.

33.3 on Cargo Collective

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For good and not evil

February 5, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

Mesdames Mitchell and Dent advocate the use of crochet for good and not evil. Evil: toilet roll dollies, very small bikinis, and cuff and collar ‘jewellery’ combinations. Good: granny rugs, doilies and of course, lovely deer wall hangings. You can buy this pattern from Re Rae and help put the world to rights.


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Year of the Rabbit

February 3, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

Following on from our last post about the speed with which this year seems to be progressing, the mesdames have decided today to adopt the Chinese zodiac calendar instead. So, happy new year! We wish you a beautiful big new year of the bunny, may it be as overwhelmingly bountiful as Herman here (yes, Herman is a real rabbit).

Herman on Snopes

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Mush brain

February 3, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

Madame Mitchell and Madame Dent cannot believe it is February already. They have big ideas for 2011, but best get a wriggle on if the year insists on slipping away like this. Madame Dent thinks it is rather tricky when all of her ideas still look very much like this incredible installation artwork by Nami Yamamoto. Mind you, Mr Messy does too and he’s done alright for himself.


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