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August 26, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

You can’t say Perth isn’t a creative little town. We’ve just heard tell that Otilee (who we blogged about earlier in the year) was also recognised in the International Photography Awards. She was awarded second place in the Advertising – Fashion Pro category for Altitude (above) and received an Honorable Mention in the Advertising – Beauty Pro category for Wire Me In (see it here on her blog). Too much talent in the one town, really. Congrats Otilee, you clever little chicken.

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August 24, 2010 / By Little Miss Fliss / 1 comment

The mesdames Mitchell and Dent are known for being cat people, but my interests lie somewhere in the middle between cats and dogs… given a recent purchase of cute IKEA fluffy rats, I’m toying with the idea of trying to get used to the possibility, of maybe, perhaps, purchasing a pair of real rats for my near 6 year old, when she is 7. Possibly. I have a year and 31 days to consider this. In the meantime, with rats in mind, I did find this picture of a French bulldog rather cute…

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Bookity book book

August 16, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mike’s is super ace. When Miss Gem and the mesdames rocked up on her doorstep unannounced, instead of telling us to sod off, she invited us in for tea and brownies and a sneaky peak at Project Yellow Box. That kind of kindness deserves to be paid back in kind, so we heartily recommend you visit the Meet Me at Mike’s shop in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in Melbourne. Or Pip’s blog if you haven’t stumbled across it already (and if you haven’t, where have you been hiding yourself?!). We also love her first book of crafty projects (pictured above) and are excited to hear that her second book Sew La Tea Do is not far away.

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Perth’s best blogs (part one)

June 22, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 13 comments

Worst of PerthDrop StitchCraftapaloozaKristy Leigh's Food for ThoughtLove FreoLittle Design HorseCerebral ExcitementPerth's Best ArchitectureAugust AnimalsGinger Fox Vintage

Mitchell & Dent have recently been compared to Basil Zempilas in the Perthonality stakes which is one of the loveliest compliments we have ever had. If you aspire to Heath Ledger status (probably a bad choice, but we’re going with it), you’ve got to start somewhere. We think we’re in good company and if you want to spend a weekend working your way through the best Perth has to offer in Perthonalities, blog style, start here…

1. The Worst of Perth (
Perth is all its wonderful awfulness, thanks to Andrew.

2. Dropstitch (
Emma Bergmeier knows her fashion, even Vogue UK knows that.

3. Craftapalooza (
Clever Nicole knows about the crafty side of Perth.

4. Kristy Leigh’s Food for Thought (
Kristy Leigh’s culinary adventures (with recipes!).

5. Love Freo (
Izzy, Orla and Phil really do love Freo.

6. Future Shelter (
Jane and Adam design for folks worldwide, all from their studio in North Perth.

7. Cerebral Excrement (
A haiku a day keeps the sanity away, thanks lovely Elissa.

8. Perth’s Best Architecture (
And not just the Iwan Iwanoff buildings, thanks Andrew.

9. August Animals (
Type geeks and design nerds – Russ, Mick and Tim, boys after our own hearts.

10. The Ginger Fox (
Tara Fox knows Perth’s best vintage, oh yay.

Apologies to all we’ve forgotten – did we mention ‘part one’, of course we did. Suggestions welcomed.

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The Envelope Project

June 16, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 2 comments

Super creative Pip Lincolne, blogger for Meet Me At Mike’s is such an M&D fave, all about ‘Good Stuff for Nice People’. How could we resist taking part in The Envelope Project? The Meet Me At Mike’s window in Melbourne will be transformed over the next fortnight by snail mail wonderfulness, sent from hither, thither and yon in decorated envelopes. Here is our little pre-decorated package before it hit the post. We can’t wait to see how it looks at the other end. We’ll be sure to post a link if we spot it (oh, and if you look carefully you might recognise some of the bits and bobs we sent).

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What home means to M&D

June 4, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 5 comments

Ooh-wee. It is our turn today in the Pinterest Pin It Forward adventure. We pinned about ‘what home means to me’ and quite a diverse group of things it is indeed; given both the mesdames, Mademoiselle Michelle and Little Miss Fliss all got a look in. Although it does seem to be quite heavy on the tea and cake side of life, I’m noticing. Go take a little peek here now. Go on. Shoo. And we now pass the baton to the lovely Lesley from Canada’s Smidgebox blog who will be Pinning it Forward tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what she has in store.

Mitchell & Dent’s Pin it Forward on Pinterest

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Dresses to drink tea in

May 29, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 4 comments

I have been coveting these cute frocks by Sohomode for the past six months. The only thing that has stopped me ordering a custom tea dress is the dilemma of deciding which fabric (visit theĀ library, you’ll see what I mean). I also wondered how it might look on a gal like me, who has not only kept her girlish figure but added to it. Then the lovely Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou, the best fashion blog for curvy gals, showed me. Sohomode, here I come.

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Ready… set… pin!

May 23, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 6 comments

Blog-watchers galore are going to looooove this. Starting tomorrow, Monday 24th May, 300 of the world’s most creative bloggers have been picked to Pin it Forward on Pinterest. It will be a pinteresting month, as each participant blogs about their ‘what home means to me’ pinboard, before introducing the next blogger to chitchat about theirs.

But what is all this Pinterest, pinboard and pinning stuff, I hear you ask? Well, the very clever folks at Cold Brew Labs have kindly made the world a giant pin-up board. It is a wonderful forum for creative people to curate collections and share the things they love, pinning images from and links to their favourite websites. You can find like-minded folks to ‘follow’ and be inspired daily by what they pin.

The lovely Victoria from sfgirlbybay is co-hosting the Pin it Forward event and will be sounding the starter’s pistol tomorrow. We’re so looking forward to seeingĀ  inspirational boards from folks such as Oh Joy, Bloesem, Lama, Poppytalk, Yellowtrace – oh, and yours truly, Mitchell & Dent.

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April 12, 2010 / By Mademoiselle Michelle / Make a comment

Y es, we realise we’ve already posted about Jessica Hische’s daily drop caps but we just couldn’t help ourselves when we saw this lovely ‘Y’. A perfect beginning for words like ‘yellow’, ‘yummy’ and ‘yikes’. Yay!

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Holiday snaps

April 8, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

George Butler is travelling from London to Libreville and documenting his 8500km journey to the equator in the form of a sketch blog. It is truly wonderful. How can we ever thank you Times Online?

George Butler’s Sketch Blog on Times Online

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