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October 16, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

I’d like to live in Andrew B. Myer‘s world, just for one day.


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Meet Pippy and Timmy

January 12, 2011 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

As you know, we here at Mitchell & Dent like our cats. You can see them on our website and look left, they are are even in our crest. As much as we like our cats, we think that Pippy and Timmy‘s owner might like cats even more than we do. See what happens when you get an incredible photographer and two kitkats in the one space together. This is just a teeny sample.

Pippy & Timmy on Flickr

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Little people’s photography

October 14, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 6 comments

This photograph was taken by Emma-Lee. It is an image of something very dear to her heart and will be a part of an upcoming exhibition here in Perth. Emma-Lee is five. YES! FIVE! I couldn’t take a shot like this now, let alone when I was five. In an exciting project co-ordinated by our very clever friend KT, the entire student body of two whole primary schools have explored the world of image-making; exploring themes of nostalgia, memory, textures, alternative ways of viewing and portraiture. We’re very much looking forward to the exhibitions.

Thursday 21 October 2010, 2:15pm to 4pm, Bannister Creek Primary School
Saturday 20 November 2010, 10am to 4pm, East Hamilton Primary School

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Please be seated

October 5, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

Trine Thorsen is a photographer and lives in Norway. I stumbled across her website when I was looking for chairs online. Let me tell you, it is a silly and disheartening place to look for chairs when you live in Perth and have elderly house guests arriving and need four nice new dining chairs stat. I’m not sure I can achieve what Trine does in these images by dinner time this evening. Still.


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La-la land

September 12, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 5 comments

Given that my only knowledge of Los Angeles comes from movies and The Hills, I can’t quite believe that Sixth & Main‘s glorious sunshine and bubblegum images are of the same town. They’d best be careful, if these images become too popular and sought-after, I’m sure it won’t be long before Spencer Pratt starts popping up everywhere trying to get his mug in them.


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And that’s not all

August 26, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

You can’t say Perth isn’t a creative little town. We’ve just heard tell that Otilee (who we blogged about earlier in the year) was also recognised in the International Photography Awards. She was awarded second place in the Advertising – Fashion Pro category for Altitude (above) and received an Honorable Mention in the Advertising – Beauty Pro category for Wire Me In (see it here on her blog). Too much talent in the one town, really. Congrats Otilee, you clever little chicken.


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Waiting in silence

August 25, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

Ian and Erick Regnard from Tungsten are two of the loveliest Perth-based world-renowned French Mauritian photographer twins you’re ever likely to meet (and isn’t the world awash with Perth-based world-renowned French Mauritian photographer twins?!). We’re so thrilled to hear that they were recently named a finalist in the International Photography Awards 2010 International Photographer of the Year – that’s way more prestigious than a Gold Logie, don’t you know? Their image Waiting in Silence was selected from nearly 15,000 submissions from 103 countries to be in the running and they’re off to NYC in October to find out who the winner is. Read all about it on their blog. And go look at their work. It is breathtakingly good.


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Children and animals

April 26, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

I do love these images of children and animals by photographer Maxine Helfman. They are too too lovely and really quite creepy. Am I allowed to say that about a child? I’m not sure. I think I can say that about a goose though. I’ve never liked geese. They’re far too pecky and flappity.


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Perth from Space

March 22, 2010 / By Mademoiselle Michelle / Make a comment

The Mesdames are super excited to hear that talented Perthonalities, Jackson and Gene Eaton, are banding together for their first collaborative exhibition entitled Perth from Space as part of this year’s FotoFreo Fringe Festival. Don’t miss it.

Free Range Gallery, 339 William St, Perth
Sat, March 20 2010 til Thurs, April 1 2010
Gallery is open Wed-Sun 1-6pm

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Raining diamonds

March 2, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 2 comments

What is it with these crazy creative beyond their years 15 year old girl child photographers (see also Olivia Bolles)? I’ve been peeping at Natalie Kucken‘s Flickr photograph a day and think she is and will be incredible. So much goodness to choose from, but I like her many images of things in mid air. And the way she gets so excited and exclaims “Straight out of the freakin’ camera!”.

Natalie Kucken on Flickr

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