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November 30, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 4 comments

Studio Bomba ShopStudio Bomba ShopStudio Bomba Shop

I think you know by now that when we go all quiet on the tittle tattle front, it means that Mitchell & Dent are making things. Big things. And this one’s a doozy. So, you know Mitchell & Dent is a Studio Bomba initiative right? Studio Bomba is the little design engine that drives all of the things we do – things like M&D, First Comes Love Bridal Fair and our work for other people’s brands too.

Well, now there is a Studio Bomba Shop. A bricks and mortar shop in Oxford Street that peddles stationery, artwares and designery knick-knacks. You can come see the Mitchell & Dent stationery (without having to make an appointment) and lots of local and overseas deliciousness that only the Bomba shop stocks. We think it is worth a visit (but we might be biased).

Oh, and by the way, how lovely are these images by our studio-mate Nic Montagu?

Studio Bomba Shop
Open Thursday to Sunday 10:30am to 6ish
379 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia 

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Back to the drawing board

June 27, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

First Comes Love is done and dusted and we’re back to our everyday design lives, part of which means checking in on blogs we’ve neglected (it’s called research, honest). Two things for you today – let’s start with Scout’s Honor Co. – a lovely designer-stationer with a lovely studio in Vermont and a lovely blog. You’ll love it. Also, a great find of Annemarie’s – General’s Charcoal White pencils which look just like chalk on a blackboard. So, if like us, you’re a little daunted of the endless possibilities of a blank white piece of paper (we choose kraft), they’re a nice option.


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Letter love

February 23, 2011 / By The Mesdames / 2 comments

The mesdames are big on snail mail. We love a letter. We love letters so much that we go out of our way to lovingly adorn them with lovely stamps. In Australia, that can be darn difficult. It is not often that a stamp comes out that doesn’t have an echidna or an explorer or an extra large piece of machinery on it. Tell me, can you imagine sending a jaunty jotting or the most ceremonial of celebratory invitations in an envelope with a jolly big jumbo on it? Where oh where are the pretty stamps? Here! Best get them real quick. Folks-in-love planning pledges might want to snaffle up these limited edition 2011 Australia Post Valentines Day stamps while the goings good.

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For good and not evil

February 5, 2011 / By The Mesdames / Make a comment

Mesdames Mitchell and Dent advocate the use of crochet for good and not evil. Evil: toilet roll dollies, very small bikinis, and cuff and collar ‘jewellery’ combinations. Good: granny rugs, doilies and of course, lovely deer wall hangings. You can buy this pattern from Re Rae and help put the world to rights.

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Love is in the air

January 30, 2011 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

And while we’re sharing a little lomo love, lookie lookie at this special limited edition Valentines Day Diana Mini.

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Very cross stitch

January 13, 2011 / By Madame Dent / 1 comment

Not your nana’s needlework– these patterns put the cross into cross stitch and are available for grumpy-bum stitchers from Subversive Cross Stitch.

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November 12, 2010 / By Madame Dent / Make a comment

For crafty folks who are nifty with a needle, you might get a little thrill out of Ume Craft‘s shop of patterns for felt plush. In the shape of foods. How funny is felt food? That, and William Shatner singing Cee Lo Green’s ‘Fuck You’.

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Team Zissou

November 4, 2010 / By Madame Dent / 4 comments

Ok. Yes. So. I’m a sad fan of Wesley Wales Anderson. I can just see myself on the deck of the Belafonte (even though I get seasick), off to kill the Jaguar shark (even though I quite like sharks), happily kitted out in my red beanie and Team Zissou kicks (even though I hardly ever wear sneakers). And so can 5,276 others. That’s how many people petitioned Adidas to make a real life Team Zissou shoe. And because Adidas can’t be assed, folks have just got on and done it themselves. And so can you, with these detailed instructions. Go Team Zissou!

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Be very quiet

October 11, 2010 / By The Mesdames / 3 comments

Shhhhhh. This is a sneak peak of a very exciting project that Mitchell & Dent has been working on. Stay tuned and all will be revealed.

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Hip hip hooray

October 6, 2010 / By Madame Mitchell / 6 comments

Unlike Madame Dent, I will not be celebrating a very special birthday tomorrow. But I will, however, partake in a slice of cake (or two). I only wish I could invite Miss Martha Stewart over with one of her Peppermint Fantasy or Jelly Bean Jewel Box Cakes. While I know the recipes are provided and I could very well attempt to make one myself, there would be no chance of having enough candy left to decorate with. I hope the pictures are enough for you Madame Dent?

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